Let’s Get Baked!: 5-Minute Cake

I’m dead serious phoning this one in, I’m pretty much copy-and-pasting today’s recipe straight from the ever-dashing Sartorial Butch’s latest post. Sorry guys, crazy busy.

5-Minute Cake

Feeds: Luxurious for two, gluttonous for one, suitable for three.

Difficulty: Dead easy, mate.

Time: 5 minutes start to finish, hence the name. Man, you’re thick.

Get yourself a large (!!) mug, like one of those ones for soup.
4 Tablespoons cake flour (regular flour is fine, but it’ll be bigger and coarser)
4 Tablespoons sugar
2 heaping Tablespoons cocoa
Pinch of salt
Mix these three well
1 Egg
Mix this well into the dry ingredients, then mix in
3 Tablespoons milk
3 Tablespoons oil
Nuke it for 2.5-3 mins on high. It’ll probably rise out of the mug, but it shouldn’t mess up your microwave. Leave it for a minute and voila! Cake, fresh and any time you want it. There are lots of great variations, I personally like to add orange peel, instant coffee or walnuts before cooking, and it’s great with ice cream, whipped cream or fresh fruit.


~ by yondergen on March 26, 2010.

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