As I wait at home, Flo is off with hir mother to tell her about the surgery date. I’m anxious and wishing I could be there but glad that I’m not. Thankfully, the cat makes good company as she investigates all the smells of my freshly clothes-swapped sweater.

It was a timely clothes swap, and a welcome distraction. Flo was particularly stressed; they weren’t getting the alone time they needed with hir mother, and then one of our roomies dropped the bomb that she is most likely leaving. They had a little freak-out in the car, but then once we were in a room of queers and genderqueers and transgender folks, all of whom we count as friends, swapping stories and t-shirts, they were able to decompress and, hopefully, they will be able to talk with their mother from a much better place than they were in a few hours ago.

Wish hir luck!


People can amaze you sometimes, can’t they?

This whole experience has been a lesson in the human capacity for understanding. This is the second time I’ve been amazed with the people Flo has surrounding them. I’m not sure whether I mentioned the vetting process I went through when we first started dating. Flo hadn’t exactly been dating peaches, and hir friends took it upon themselves to make sure I was a good egg. So I suspected this of hir friends when they first came out to one of their oldest friends.

This happened on the night that Flo and I made our drag debut. I had done my first number and was watching Flo with a bunch of our friends when I looked at this girl and she was crying! Not just crying, but bawling her eyes out as she watched my baby dance. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was “just so happy to finally see Flo doing what made her happy”. So, really, the intermission was as good as it was going to get. And, well, she cried. You know, happy tears.

But I was scared when Flo left to talk to hir mother. I told them that I couldn’t support her fully until hir mother knew, yet I couldn’t help feeling like I was sending a lamb to slaughter. I didn’t know what I would do if hir mother broke hir heart. But… it was amazing. Best you could hope for, if what Flo says is to be believed. And thank goodness.


~ by yondergen on November 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Phew.”

  1. How did it go with hir mom? How are you?

  2. Send hir love from us ‘net folks, and lots of support, too. And when you guys get around to fundraising, consider sticking a paypal button up? I’d be happy to contribute. 🙂


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