Landscape of Butch

Meet Sarah:

Though many of the butch blogs that got me started have either changed focus or died-hell, this one got pushed to the backburner-butches seem to be going through a quiet renaissance on the internet. Sure there are still great butch blogs to be found (Butchtastic, anyone?), not to mention great tumblrs ( ButchesHoldingAnimals, Fuck Yeah Butches ), there’s a lot of less-easily categorized stuff going on too, like ButchLab and Butch In Progress.

And then there’s Sarah. Sarah, from what I can scrounge up, is a 15-year-old contestant on Denmark’s X-Factor, and a lesbian. that strut! That hair! THAT TIE!

And beyond that, it’s nice to see a butch, if I may call her that, in the media that hasn’t been too girlified. That said, as per usual for so many of us, she gets a hard time from one of the judges for the same tired stereotypes. One of the judges tells her she should look into the cost of a sex-change before he is cut off by the host and redirected to the, duh, performance.

I find, as a fairly young butch, that there is so. much. pressure to transition; more than there ever has been, as transitioning becomes more and more widely understood and accessible and as gender and sexual binaries seem to be undergoing fortification. There seem to be so few voices speaking out for wanting to leave your body as it is. And this is not a butch-trans borderwars thing. This is a peer- and cultural-pressure thing. 

It’s understandable that transitioning requires more publicity, from simply telling your friends your new name or pronoun preference to public fundraising efforts and working for trans rights, when being butch can require very little.

For me, watching my partner get top surgery not related to ftm transition and having several close friends begin on the road to transition has really pushed this to the fore as I am one of the last non-transitioning butchie-types that i know in real life.

Maybe this portion of “Boy I Am”, a 2006 documentary, and the ever-eloquent Judith Butler, can describe what I’m getting at a little better:



~ by yondergen on March 11, 2011.

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