The queer and transgender community of Halifax took a blow last week when armed gunmen tried to break into the apartment of a transgender woman and, after shouting homophobic and transphobic slurs, shot her in the arm through the door of her home. The police aren’t calling it a hate crime, but she sure is.

Her attackers haven’t yet been caught, but Elle isn’t one to take this lying down. She was shot on Tuesday, and by Thursday had returned to the stage to perform Cher’s “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”. There have been fundraisers going on since the night after her shooting to help her make up lost wages, move, and reach some settlement with her landlord over the damage done to her door by the criminals. Unfortunately it takes an event like this to bring to light the strong and loving community that I’m surrounded by in Halifax. Support’s been flying left right and centre, and I feel nothing but pride for where I live and the people I know.

Read, hear and see some of the local media coverage here:

A CBC article, the first one I read: “Fake policeman shoots…”

And this audio interview from Information Morning.

CTV has links to several videos, this is the latest.

Xtra identifies her as a drag performer.

But the final word should come from the lady herself:

“I just want people in the community to know it’s OK to be cautious but don’t be fearful because you have to live your life the way you want to. And if you start cowering away and you start to going back into the closet, it’s basically they’re winning. And you cannot let people like this win.” – Chris Cochrane

In other news, have you seen Slap Upside The Head? It’s a Canadian site (if course; might even be a Bluenoser!) putting a hilarious spin on queer and weird news from Canada and beyond. I can only heartily recommend it.


~ by yondergen on June 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “Survivor”

  1. As someone moving to Halifax, I am releived to hear that there was a positive community response to the terrible, awful thing that happened.

  2. Another example of the effects of outrageous gun laws in Halifax. Criminals who don’t give a fuck about laws can have guns, but can the average person who wants do defend herself have one? No.


    These laws do NOT keep people safe.

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