About the Blog

 I plan on regretting this.

Or, at least, the early stuff. It’s my goal to look back at the early stuff, cringing and shaking my head, with the mouse hovering over the “Delete” button.

How could I be so poorly-informed? Why did I think that? Why, lor’-lov-a-duck, did I then write it all down and then post it on the internet?

This is an exploration of my butch-masculine-queer gender. I post with the intention of adding my voice to the conversation surrounding butch gender, and showing other people how another butch lives and thinks, what another one wonders about.

I want to write but, truly, my first impulse is to research. I spend inordinate lengths of time on Google and in the stacks researching gender and, when I find the thing I’m mulling over mis- or under-represented, or completely absent, I try to write something worth finding if someone is wondering the same thing.

I don’t profess to have one opinion. I write as I feel, and I’m okay with being contradictory. If you’ve got a question, want a clarification, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try. Know a great blog I’d better be reading? Drop those off, too.

But also, my first shot at this also said that I wanted to show butches do more than sit in front of their laptops agonizing over gender theory all day, then fucking their drop-dead-gorgeous femme girlfriends all night (Case in point: I don’t even date a femme. Flo is drop-dead-gorgeous, though). So my plan is to start posting some of my art (I have a DeviantArt account that, dead serious, gets updated once a year with the end-of-year stationary I make for my folks—obviously I won’t be posting that here), and some recipes (I’m a proponent of cooking and sewing as long-lost masculine arts. Mastery is sexy. Handiness is sexy. These require both, in spades.) and I’m going on a big trip to Europe with my PIC soon, so this site might go a little photo-travelogue for a while, too.

To misquote a hat-line from a busker friend of mine, “If you liked the show, I’m glad. If you didn’t, well, you get what you pay for”.


One Response to “About the Blog”

  1. I really like your blog, and it was part of the inspiration for starting one of my own recently (butchwonders.weebly.com). I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for being such a great voice!

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